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We shape opinions for your brand

Principal Communications is a boutique PR and branding agency based in Singapore. We are founded on the commitment to help clients achieve effective brand messaging in the media through strategic communications. We are a B2B solutions provider strongly focused on building partnerships, while being committed to promote and protect your brand interest. Say it once and say it right—let us take charge of your brand communication. To us, it’s business above all.

A few things we’re passionate about

Combining industry experience and a East-West perspective, our core competencies focus on delivering your brand message in the sharpest way possible.

Written commmunications

Your brand’s tone and voice determine how first impressions are created. As your brand’s communication specialist, we take charge of developing marketing materials that will achieve the most mileage.

social media & content creation

Driving conversion on social media relies heavily on how the content is delivered. We can handle the management of your brand on its social media account to establish a guided relationship with its audience.

brand management

Our clients entrust us to create a compelling strategy that will take their brand on a confident journey through the competitive marketplace. We work to create new identities or provide advice on enhancing existing identities to meet contemporary challenges.

Calm and Measured


Online or offline, ‘calm and measured’ is the preferred tone.

Our approach to brand communications is like a flask of wine—only the finest grapes are cultivated under the most stringent environments. It is in such controlled and applied conditions that we can cut through the noise and appreciate the wine by identifying overlapping notes and subtle undertones. 

We believe in adopting a composed tone and voice for our clients because it reflects the character and ethos of the brands that are, in turn, judged by their followers. Evidently, we shun guerilla methods that may bring immediate but the wrong attention to your brand.

A gentleman makes a strong impression with his savoir faire, knowing what to say—and how to say—in all situations. Rightfully, we treat the brands under our portfolio like the gentlemen they should be.

Accountable to society

Creating good jobs. And protecting them.

As business owners, we are the catalysts that move economies by encouraging the exchange of goods and services. But only employees can complete this equation to make corporate goals possible. We are acutely aware of our role in society and believe in the fundamental responsibility as business owners to create good jobs for deserving individuals.

While we work to advance and promote your brand interest, we are also investing in the background to create and protect jobs.


For the past 15 years, Jeff Wu has been involved in written communications work on both the agency and governmental fronts. A Political Science graduate from the National University of Singapore, he first started honing his skills as an advertising copywriter and has under his portfolio a host of names such as Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, the Italian Cultural Institute of Singapore, Goodrich Global and Luzerne Global among many others.

Principal Communications was founded on his core belief that brands can convey their messages effectively without having to resort to current common practices such as irreverent antics that sully the brand integrity. A brand speaks of its virtues at a measured pace, respectfully and earnestly to its audience, as a gentleman would.

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